Sunday, April 19, 2015

Universal 2-in-1 USB Wall Charger & Portable Power Bank

Disclosure: I received the Universal 2-in-1 USB Wall Charger and Portable 3000 mAh Power Bank by Sunlabz from a promotion, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own unbiased opinions. 

Product Description:

  • UNIQUE 2 in 1 DESIGN - Combining a Wall Charger and a Power Bank that fits in the palm of your hand. Why carry around both a charger and a power bank when you can have one device that replaces both ? Charge your phone like you usually do and take the charger with you knowing that if you don't have access to an outlet you still have at least one full charge with you!

  • CHARGES BOTH - Its own Power Bank Battery and your Device together either directly from a Wall Socket or from a USB Power Source - Equipped with LED indicators to tell you exactly how much power is left or how much more do you need to charge it for full capacity. Never run out of battery again by doubling your power supply instantly.

  • WALL CHARGER SPEC - Input AC 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.15A | Output DC 5V-1A Recharge directly from a wall socket or from your computer ! The SunLabz two in one power bank is versatile and convenient, just remove the top part to expose the USB input plug, connect it to any USB power supply such as your car's USB outlet or any other USB equipped device that can supply an output charge.

  • POWER BANK 3000 mAh SPEC - Input: DC 5V-800mA | Output DC 5V-1A Enough to charge an Iphone 5 twice and a Samsung Galaxy S III one and a half times. SunLabz two in one power bank and charger is also a perfect traveller companion with it's universal voltage adjustment from 110V to 240V

  • COMPATIBLE WITH - Leading Smart Phones and Tablet Manufacturers - Built in power conservation technology eliminates power drain SEE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION

This is a great accessory to have if you are on the go! Works well to charge your device as well as giving a power bank to use on the GO!  the color selection is amazing.  Love the LED lights that let you know how much much power you have left or when it is finished charging.

I highly recommend this for my readers. 


  1. Yeah I love this powerbank also. The led lights are helpful too. So easy to use, and does not become overly hot. Good review!

    1. Terry, yes indeed this is a great product, works great, we love it! My son hogs it up though, we need a few more. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love this powerbank. It is amazing. Came in handy the other day when I was at the hospital to keep the kids tablet charged. Great review.

    1. Yes indeed it certainly works well. We really like like it, we need a few more. Thanks for visiting!

  3. The charging ability of this wall charger from Bizarkdeal is first-rate.
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