Monday, May 25, 2015

Holi in the Kitchen Silicone Spatula Review

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I must say I love these spatulas, perfect for any kitchen! They have so many uses, you can cook, stir, mix, scrape and even decorate with them. No need for numerous different spatulas. They are heat resistant up to 500 degrees F, dishwasher safe. You will not even have to worry about staining them as they are stain and even odor resistant. 

The really nice thing about these silicone spatulas it that the wider end that you use for scraping, mixing and such is flexible and the handle part is sturdy and strong due to the fact there is a stainless steel core making them very strong. They are very well made.

Product Description from the Company:

Holi in the Kitchen Silicone Spatula Set - Premium Quality - Heat Resistant - Non-Stick - Beautiful Color And Design - Dishwasher Safe - Internal Steel Core - Healthy Cooking 

☑️ THE MOST RELIABLE SILICONE SPATULA SET - 100% food grade silicone - FDA approved and BPA free - Heat resistant up to 500°F - Strong internal Stainless Steel Core Tech.
☑️ BEAUTIFUL COLOR AND DESIGN FOR HEALTHIER COOKING - Ergonomic design for confortable grip - Perfect weight and balance - Easy-to-use - One Piece design means no head to pop off and no place for bacteria to grow.
☑️ THE PERFECT KITCHEN TOOL - Very versatil kitchen tool for mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping and flipping. Flexible head, one round angle and one right angle for decorating, baking, preparing all kind of meals, hot or raw and most stickiest or delicate food.
☑️ ALWAYS AS NEW - Dishwasher safe - Easy-to-clean - Stain and odor resistant so your spatula remind clean and never affect the flavor of your food - Will not discolor, warp, melt or chip.

☑️ EASY TO USE. These gorgeous spatulas will never disappoint you. Are great for mixing, stirring, scraping or decorating to prepare all kinds of meals. Its smooth edges and flexible head with rounded and right angles are perfect for all those hard to reach places. 
☑️ BEAUTIFUL COLOR, DESIGN AND HIGH PERFORMANCE QUALITY. Heat-resistant up to 500°F. Smooth and comfortable to handle even with wet hands. With a strong internal stainless steel core. Will not chip, crack, rust or discolor.
☑️ HEALTHY COOKING - EASY TO CLEAN. They are one solid piece, there are no space for bacteria to grow and no head to pop off. Dishwasher safe.
☑️ NON-STICK. Will not transfer any unpleasant taste to the food and also does not retain odor from the food that was cooked using it. 
☑️ PERFECT PRESENT. With a classy and trendy packaging, they make a perfect present for cooking lovers. 

Overall I would highly recommend these for any kitchen and what a perfect gift! 

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my review purposes, and my honest 100% unbiased thoughts and opinions based on my experience using this product. I am disclosing this in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR, Part 255 Guide Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising. 

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